One of the first things people do when they decide to start a business is seek advice. In that search, they can find many amazing answers that could discourage entrepreneurs from taking the plunge or receive unsubstantiated information that leads them astray.

They can also find advisors or consultants who focus solely on the blue skies of startups, without even dipping a little bit into the dark pool of failed startups.

At Grupo Laera we have studied and evaluated hundreds of successful and unsuccessful businesses and projects. We have carefully analyzed and compared different sources of information, both qualitative and quantitative, to provide a realistic picture of today’s business world; we do not want to artificially raise hopes or kill dreams before giving them life. Instead, we want you to know the main challenges that most entrepreneurships and management in a micro or small business face. This information can help you take action and learn what pitfalls to avoid.

How to start?

Sometimes you just need to organize your thoughts or have a question that has been on your mind about your business idea or venture. Do you need just an hour(s) to consult with someone who understands and can provide an objective and expert view, or just have the concept of a third party involved in the world of entrepreneurship? This is an hour(s) dedicated to you and your venture to use however you wish. It is a dialogue between you and the consultant, focusing on your specific situation. It’s a virtual meeting where we address that thorniest business question, or we can go over your budget or your business plan, or we could discuss the estimated cash flow before starting your business or hear from you about that pain point you’re experiencing in the management of your company to direct it; We will do everything possible to solve your concern and give you the best perspective for your venture. Many times that hour is the beginning or the transformation in your business, it is incredible what we can do in just one hour! Visit us at

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