Online Advisory for Entrepreneurs

Solve your Concerns!

You are starting a business, you have specific doubts and you want to advise yourself with experts who can provide a different vision. We can help you!

During 1-hour sessions in collaborative work, we will be able to solve common concerns about different issues that impact your project, business idea, venture or company so that you have a different and realistic approach according to your situation. We are passionate about providing an exceptional and adaptable service, which means working together with our clients so that we can understand their reality and together identify opportunities for improvement. We embrace a people-centred approach, ensuring that our advice is valuable, enjoyable and sustainable.


Do you want to have a different perspective of entrepreneurship? Our experts will not say that you have the best business idea or give magic formulas for guaranteed success. Based on our experience and preparation, we will share our knowledge so that you have different approaches and that together find answers to those hundreds of difficulties that are generated when undertaking entrepreneurship efforts.

Concerns that Must be Answered when Starting a Business:

  • Is my venture financially viable?
  • Am I asking the right questions about my venture?
  • Throughout the world, the same 5 causes are the ones that make 9 out of 10 ventures not exceed 5 years of life. What are the most frequent problems associated with the economic activity of my venture?
  • Have I adequately budgeted the cash flow of my venture?
  • Is there a market for my service or product?
  • Will I be omitting any cost necessary for the development of my business?
  • What are the main risks of my venture?
  • What should be the pillars of my venture?
  • The initial investment, will it be very high?
  • Am I looking for investors or request a loan?


What is the number one priority for my business this year? Many times in the management of SMEs, we find opportunities for improvement in specific issues and we want you to have a space to evaluate it with an expert. We offer you the opportunity to evaluate action plans and implement financial management solutions guided by our team.

Main concerns generated by our SMEs clients:

  • What are my possibilities of accessing to credit?
  • How can I improve my cash flow?
  • How should I interpret my financial information?
  • Is my company profitable?
  • Is the price of my services or products correct?
  • I am going to carry out a project, how can I structure it?
  • What are the main risks of my business?
  • Am I preparing the budget correctly?
  • What indicators are appropriate to measure the management and results of my business?
  • Have I identified expenses that are unnecessary?