We offer financial consulting services for micro, small and medium enterprises. We provide information about funding sources available, both in private and public sectors.

Financial consulting and advice

We adequately interpret the financial information of SMEs to enable an adequate decision making. At Grupo Laera we identify the financial challenges and risks, developing for our customers the best financial strategy to ensure the steadiness of their companies operation.

Identification of the root causes preventing a company or project to be financially competitive.
Development of alternatives for improvement.
Evaluation of qualitative aspects that affect financial results.
Determination of the best financing alternative for your company or project.

We advise SMEs about the real possibilities of access to resources. We accompany you in projects´ formulation and  structuring.

Credit risk assessment

Credit is an element that creates links with the customer, generates solvency, increases business capacity and provides the necessary support to maintain an adequate financial management.

We believe that every organization should know its customer and all the risks involved in granting credit from the first contact until the last payment.

Evaluation of different risks associated with credit granting.
Determination of payment capacity and applicable credit conditions for your customer.
Comprehensive diagnosis of the risk / credit area, identifying action plans for a more effective and efficient credit process management.

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