Resilience to Climate Change

We designed a workshop aimed at creating awareness and leading the business understanding of climate change, the way it affects companies and their economic activity, to jointly identify strategies that allow adapting to a changing climate.

Resilience to Climate Change in the Private Sector

In today’s world, companies from all economic sectors face different environmental and climatic risks that potentially affect the normal course of their activities. The better prepared you are for these changes, the lower your losses and the greater your chances of taking advantage of emerging opportunities are.


Identify how the changing climate affects the productive sector and provide critical points of action that reduce the vulnerabilities of companies and unions and increase their opportunities for growth.

Identify processes were adaptation options can be prioritized.

Understand the causes of climate change.

Identify the climatic risks of the company or union.

Determine starting points for adaptation.

Identify appropriate actions and good practices.

Expected Results

Create awareness in employers and employees about climate change.

Generate adaptation strategies for companies, taking into account their location and the economic sector to which they belong, solving their implementation capacity.

Identify possible replicable pilot experiences in other parts of the country.

Identify stakeholders interested in financing resilience.

Identify processes that integrate the results with climate change adaptation initiatives in cities.

Do you want to include climate change in your company or organization?